My name is Chelsea Lee Harris and I am originally from Vonore, TN.

Cheerful and Faithfully Fit is an inspirational blog that is encouraging and motivating others to be strong—-inside and out. Faith like muscle, only grows if you use it. It is geared toward folks taking daily steps on the road to a healthy, fit, faithful, and cheerful lifestyle.  🙂

I started gymnastics and cheer when I was two years old. I cheered in middle school, while being a competitive gymnast. By the time I was in 8th grade I was a level 9 gymnast. My 8th grade year I also cheered for my Gyms All-Star team Mavericks, my mom was the head coach and therefore it was sort of something I did when Gymnastics practice was over, as gymnastics was my top priority. I was on both the junior and senior team as one of the main top girls, and was given many tumbling roles. I cheered at Sequoyah high school my sophomore through my senior year. I won several State titles, as well as Regional titles in my cheer and gymnastics career. While in level 9 I had the opportunity to make it to Nationals 3 years. To be honest at the time cheerleading was something I did for fun because gymnastics at that level was very stressful and was such an individual sport; and I enjoyed the team bonding that came along with cheer.

I really wanted to do gymnastics in college but unless I was willing to attend an out of state school that wasn’t in the cards. So When April rolled around I tried out for the University of Tennessee, I made it and there I was cheering for women’s Volleyball, Football, and Men’s and Women’s Basketball, and I would not trade it for anything in the world. I will not say that is was happy go lucky, because it was extremely hard work and took tons of time and commitment, which I knew all about from gymnastics.

I received my first summer job coaching UCA staff summer cheer camps in the Midsouth, which is owned by Varsity. I met so many cool people and made so many connections at all University’s in the Midsouth. I worked for UCA for 5 years ending with the Head Instructor position with tons of experience. While working for UCA I had the opportunity to work with a great group of top cheerleaders all around the nation in the making and choreography of Bring It On the Broadway Musical. I was also offered a position in the Broadway musical but had to turn it down due to my first passion and commitment to the Tennessee Cheer Program.

During my time at the University of Tennessee I got to compete on the Nationals mat for UCA college Nationals, where we placed 5th place bringing Tennessee back into the top 5 for the first time in several years. I graduated the University of Tennessee with a Bachelor of Science in Communication with a focus in Sports Broadcasting. I had several opportunities to appear on many national and local television shows which was perfect for my major, and also awesome I got to represent Tennessee Cheer, these included Good Morning America with Kathie Lee and Hoda, ESPN college game day with Lee Corso, red carpet event with Jonny Knoxville, and many interviews on WATE and WBIR. I could go on and on about what Tennessee Cheerleading has done for my life but instead I have given you a link to look up where I was given an opportunity to share and write a story of what Tennessee cheerleading meant to me with the Football Time in Tennessee Magazine.


While in college fitness was a huge part of my life and though While growing older I have been focused on my life and career, and I haven’t focused on it as much as I’d like I want to share my journey and knowledge with those around me and I want to make a difference in other peoples lives and what better way to do it than with the awesome Talent God gave me. I want to share my passion for fitness, tumble, and cheer with everyone.  I want to share my talent, knowledge and experiences with each and everyone to help them be the best person they can be and hopefully do it in a way that will bring Glory to God!!!